An Update, F'real

I haven't been here in a while. A lot of things had actually occurred during my hiatus. Things that I may or may not cover here. Why? Because I'm lazy. That, or I’ve forgotten the actual events.

Anyway, here's to documenting whatever it is I remember.

So after school ended, I scored three weeks off of complete nothingness, two of which I wasted in front of a computer...which, then, resulted in some serious damage to my bank account (I will get to this later). The last week of my break, however, was a lot more exciting. A. WHOLE. LOT. MORE.

Rule of thumb: Do not put Denise in front of a computer with nothing else to do for more than a week, otherwise, she’ll start to spend “moniez she ain't got”, and buy things “she don’t want!”

Ok, so this is what I did: I bought a bag. A 300 dollar bag! Which ended up costing $418 because stupid customs decided to open my package, concluded that I was ballin’ and charged me an extra $118! @#$%^&SHDKJ! You're probably wondering, "why in the world would Denise buy such an expensive bag?" Well, L'oreal said it best, "because I'm worth it."

Actually, after that purchase, I'm pretty sure I'm completely worthless now. I know.

I bought the bag because I wanted to treat myself. After four years of undergrad studies, and a total of 17 years of schooling, I felt that a fancy gift was more than necessary. Well, it was necessary up to the point where customs decided that it was an ethical move to bust a cap in my arse.

So note to self: Don’t spend that much money on eBay.

Note to customs: I'M ACTUALLY POOR!

Note to people around me: Do not put Denise in front of a computer with nothing else to do for more than a week, otherwise, she’ll start to spend “moniez she ain't got”, and buy things “she don’t want!”

I spent my last week of absolute freedom in NYC! What better way, really? M was generous enough to let us stay at her Brooklyn pad for four nights, and be our tour guide for three days, while being completely awesome and wikkid cool about everything! Thanks dude!

In a nutshell, my trip was beyond awesome! I loved every single second of it. It was a trip so well worth every penny I spent on it (which was not a lot by the way). I think I spent a total of just over 300 bucks on my trip (this includes my ticket, food and gifts/souvenirs). I know!!!

One of the moments that really made my trip was this.

At this very moment, I am typing this blog entry cause I have nothing else to do and I want to look busy. Other than that it’s been pretty good. The people here are nice and although we’re not that busy yet, people do find the time to train me on things and I feel like this method of training, although unconventional, is working for me. I’m able to soak everything that comes my way, which is always a good thing.

I met up with T and T a couple of Saturdays ago to participate in Toronto's DOTO event. It was wikkid, except I had to go home early because I had to deal with the evil group known as "customs" to get my bag.

So I met up with A, A, T and T (yeah, those letters mean nothing to strangers) last Friday night and we had a jolly good time at Duke of Devon! The weather was perfect! T suggested that we have our dinner in a patio setting (good call). We were able to score a table after the “happy hour gang” started to dissolve...

It was awesome to see people, eat good food and enjoy the weather! It was perfection. I think if Monet was alive today, he'd paint us...ahaha.

Ok that's it for now. Next time, I promise, it'll be shorter.

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03 June, 2009 | Dee said something at 8:29 PM | 0 whined

Pics From N'awlins...Soon

A lot of people have been asking me, "Where are your pics from New Orleans?"
Oh man, I'm sorry. I'm the laziest person alive. I still haven't uploaded any pictures. I was planning on doing that on my Mac, then use and abuse the school's bandwidth to upload the pics and videos online.

You know what, I will do that tomorrow.

And you know what again, I haven't even seen all the pictures I took. I went straight to the videos. So with that said, enjoy this video. It's a clip of some busker hanging right outside Cafe Du Monde, playing my most favourite song, ever! Yeah.

On a side note, my sister cracked my phone. I'm pretty sad right now. It looks like my phone got into a cat fight. The crack resembles a nail mark. Sigh...

Oh well.

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30 March, 2009 | Dee said something at 10:28 PM | 0 whined

New Orleans: Part I

I finally found the strength and willingness to hook my camera up on to my PC. Then I realized that there's about four gigs of media to upload (way to discourage me). That's wayyyy tooo much for my dying computer. So, I'm just going to upload videos and pictures I've taken at New Orleans one at a time. I'm also going to select the most interesting ones. I will begin with this video of me and a couple of members from Kaba Modern (Second Runner Up, America's Best Dance Crew Season 1). I stepped out of the washroom and I spotted these guys hanging out right outside. I'm such a fangirl when it comes to ABDC...ahaha. So yeah, documentation definitely required.

This was probably the most interesting part of my trip.

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I finally came home from New Orleans last Friday at around 7:30 pm. And oh-my-gosh, to be able to see my room, lie down on the couch like a hobo and get full control of my TV's fate is like the most liberating thing ever. E-v-e-r.

My trip to New Orleans, in a nutshell, was just a big blur. I know I make it sound like I was at Bourbon Street every single day, getting hammered and partying it up like normal tourists do. But, I mainly just took naps and occasionally cried about being internet-deprived.

It was a fun/depressing trip - that's sort of oxymoronic, but I don't know how else to describe it. It was fun in a sense that, "wow, I'm in New Orleans and yeah this is fun," and obviously depressing because you can so tell that the New Orleanians were still affected by the whole Katrina ordeal. I saw so many abandoned buildings and buildings that were just falling apart. The city is still recovering and still rebuilding. The only people that were having a good time there were the tourists. That's because they were either getting drunk on Bourbon Street, or getting drunk elsewhere. Seriously, that's the extent of their happiness. Pretty depressing and shallow if you ask me.

I also felt no personal attachment to the city when I left, or even when I was there. I don't miss it at all. I woke up this morning and I felt like I never left home. My stay there was like a really long, exhausting dream. Don't get me wrong, I liked New Orleans, I just didn't love it. I seriously spent most of my time in my hotel room or in a conference hall. And when I did find the time to go out, it was either too dark, too wet or too dangerous to do stuff...So I just stayed inside my hotel room and watched some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reruns (just a girl getting her money's worth).

On the contrary, my first night and my last two days at N'awlins were pretty good. The weather was wonderful and I got to do some sightseeing. I went everywhere with a couple of friends: Uptown, Downtown, Art District, Central Business District, Garden District and the French Quarter. A whole lot of walking! I couldn't feel my legs after that whole venture. I also loved the food - not over-hyped at all! The Jambalaya was beyond awesomeness, the beignets were just yummy and the red beans and rice with smoked sausage was too cool for school! I'd go back to N'awlins for the food. Yeah, that's about it.

The other four days were really brutal - like borderline inhumane brutal. Heh, what can ya do? It was a semi-business trip after all, and not a real vacation. I had to sit and listen (well, pretending to anyway) to the speakers at the conference. I had no idea what they were talking about, and I honestly didn't care. I know, I've got the apathy glow. The whole conference dealio was just bland, boring and bogus. The conference had more student attendees than the actual members, so that says a lot about the support (or lack thereof) this conference is getting from the industry. I understand that everyone's going through this economic madness but if you have more students than actual members...the problem goes beyond the economic condition. I don't know, I could be wrong. I'm real bitter right now.

Oh yeah, we lost by the way. I'm not bitter about that. I predicted it, I called it and people just refused to believe my prophetic claim. I was so prepared for losing that I became the happiest loser there.

Considering that my prediction about us losing came true, I feel like a winner. Oh, and I also met Kaba Modern!!! Winner.

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22 March, 2009 | Dee said something at 12:26 AM | 1 whined

New Orleans, Here I Come

After all the madness and sadness, I can finally somewhat relax now. I will be heading down to "The Big Easy" tomorrow morning and will be arriving at around 8:30 pm. The purpose of this trip is to represent my school (more specifically ryeTAGA) at the 2009 TAGA Conference. Um, sure.

My purpose, however, is to just sit back, relax and eat good N'awlins food! Really.

I don't believe that our journal is going to win anyway. Why? Because it's messed up. If it were a person, it'd be bi-polar - that's how whack it is! I know, I'm the meanest person ever. But seriously, there is no consistency in the design, no real group effort, and no fun...

So, whatever. At least I get to go to New Orleans. School paid for my ticket, yeah...awesome.

(Perchance we do win the competition, which is very unlikely, I will apologize and just go through some sort of cleansing so that all the mean bones in my body won't be mean anymore.)

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12 March, 2009 | Dee said something at 11:18 PM | 3 whined

Back. Take me Back.

I left sunny and warm San Jose last Saturday at 8:40 am PT. Approximately 10 and a half hours later, I arrived in Canada...welcomed by a snow storm and the stupidest weather ever that instantly depressed me. After I picked up my baggages at the airport, I exited that area hoping that my parents would be outside, eager to greet me and welcome me back. I saw and experienced no such thing. Instead, I had to hunt them down outside the terminal, battling the storm jacketless and wishing I had another year of vacation.

Everything, up to the point of my arrival, has been amazing. My aunt has been absolutely generous and her generosity made me feel so important and weird at the same time. My mother never, ever, shopped for me like my aunt had. Nor has my mother cooked all the things I liked for two consecutive weeks and treat me like the main queen in town. I'm not implying anything negative about my mother (I've been self-sufficient ever since I turned 14 so she really didn't need to do or buy me anything, I wouldn't have let her anyway), but what my aunt did deserves a lot of credit. I felt weird because I'm not really into shopping and when I do shop, it'll only consists of a shirt, or a book. I don't buy the whole store. She pretty much did, and that made me feel weird.

California, in a nutshell, was just a blast. I was problemless for two weeks. I didn't even think about Canada. Truth be told, I totally forgot about this lovely winter wonderland. There was no evidence in California that would have reminded me of Oh Canada! Thank God, and I thank God f'real. I needed a vacation. I actually still do, so take me back.

On New Year's Day, we headed down San Francisco. We got lost and was unable to see the Golden Gate when the sun was still up, but it's ok, I had seen it before I was just happy to be there and be able to spend New Year's with my family. The day after, we went to L.A. and spent a weekend down there to visit the Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre and all of Burbank. And wow, I thought I was in Mexico. I actually wanted a tour of WB and NBC, but we had no time and I had no mulah.

I'll post the pictures soontimes. I haven't uploaded them. That's because I took about 800 pictures, so it'll take awhile. Eventually, you'll find them on flickr.

Anyway, 2008 has been semi-craptastic. The first half of the year was filled with rainbows and cookies and teddy bears, the other half, well...recession.

2009, you better be good to me.

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15 January, 2009 | Dee said something at 6:36 PM | 0 whined

In Aproximately 32 Hours...

I will be flyin to the seemingly sunny west coast (apparently, it's been raining there almost everyday). Gon' be visitin' mah grannma, mah cuzzins and mah unt. It's been eight years since I last saw them (by them, I'm referring to my grandma, my aunt and one of my cousins, the other cousin I have yet to see), so this visit should be interesting. I hope that my family in California realizes that I am no longer 12, because that would suck. However, if they think I'm still 12, I wouldn't blame them...because I look 12.

When I brush my hair and blow-dry it nicely, I look 13.

Looking young was tolerable up to the age of 16. But looking this young at 21 is quite terrifying, to be honest with you. That's when crazy Filipino parents start hooking you up with their 12 year-old sons (jailbait!). And that's when I excuse myself, go to the nearest washroom, find a towel, bury my face in it and scream my lungs off. That is also the time when I wish I had done drugs earlier in my teenage life so that I would look more haggard and, and, and old. Oh, sobriety you are a mystery.

Anyway, I'm kind of not excited to go to California yet. I don't know, maybe tomorrow it'll be different.

We'll see.

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27 December, 2008 | Dee said something at 11:51 PM | 2 whined

Meeting Mr. Douglas Coupland

Sis, ME and Douglas Coupland, originally uploaded by Crabalocker.

I've been so busy, that I've forgotten to post about one of the most eventful things that ever happened in my life: meeting Mr. Coupland.

This was back in October 1st though. I know, it's almost November but has been very, very annoying!

My sister and I bought tickets to watch him read excerpts from his latest book, The Gum Thief. Dude's a really down to earth, funny guy and I was able to get my Hey Nostradamus! book signed =]

(I also took multiple paparazzi shots!)

Sigh, I was so genius-struck...


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27 October, 2007 | Dee said something at 12:54 PM | 2 whined


Last weekend, I went camping up in northern Ontario where the snow was fresh, white and perfect. Nature was also in a good mood and blessed the campsite with such a wonderful weather.

But then, I got sick.

I think I got too excited with the snow cause I jumped right in there. My childishness took a toll on my health, but wadahey, it was worth it.

However, I do somewhat resent the fact that I had to miss a week of school. Did I miss a lot? Yes. A whole lot. Now, it's catch up time.

I'm feeling sick again.

OT: Making a new layout =) Super fun.

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