It's Almost Over

Four years of university...

Four years is a long time, but I don't seem to remember anything significant. I don't exactly know what school did to me, but whatever it is, I feel so untalented now. I think I was in the wrong program. I threw myself in this corporate pool and I swam with the corporate zombies.

I'm a modern day hippie who got on the wrong train.

I attended my last lecture ever on the 14th of April. I tried to convince myself that that day was something special. It was supposed to be an emotional day, I was supposed to be an emotional wreck - I felt nothing, really. Then I realized, "Wow, I'm in debt." Finally, I felt something - completely horrified!

Not really, I'm just being dramatic. If I get a job, IF, I will try to pay the government off within 1-2 years. I want to move on with my life and not drag this with me for nine years or even ten years. Most of my buddies have paid off their debt, but then again, they're either a) ballin' b) really good with managing money c) they have no family to support or d) all of the above.

I'm e) none of the above.

That's life.

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