11:28 am

That's the time I woke up today. I rarely sleep in. I don't like it. If I wake up after 9:00 am, I automatically feel gross. Yes, I feel gross right now. Waking up late means I just wasted half of the day sleeping, and when that happens, you know it's downhill from there. Well, at least I know.

I have quite the list today. My priority is to get my website/portfolio site and my resumé done by the end of this weekend. I don't exactly know why I bought a site. I'm also not really committed to finishing this site either. Oh, it's also not necessary for me to have a, I'm a glutton for punishment. Shucks.

I just want the school year to be over.

Hm, I think that's going to be my mantra from now until the school year actually ends.

"I just want the school year to be over x10"

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28 February, 2009 | Dee said something at 1:37 PM

Anonymous mo said...

I can relate... I'm such a sleepy head.
Hey have you heard of cut&paste? want to go?

12:18 AM


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