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I used to be so excited about web-designing/graphic designing/video editing/filming...I lost that passion. And that makes me really sad. Four years of post-secondary education did nothing for me except suck out all the good and sweet things in my life. I used to think I had something, I don't know anymore.

I need to do some soul-searching. My life at university is coming to an end and I still have no idea what it is I want to do (possibly for the rest of my life as well). I've asked various people for advice - what a mistake. They all have something to say.

One of the big dudes at work said that I should just take anything that comes my way, it'll work out in the end. One of my friends says to take my time, because I'm young...and well, I'm young.

I say, "can I just marry someone rich?"

I have no idea what to do seeing that the only things I was really passionate about...well, I am no longer passionate for. Man, can I just go on sabbatical, forever?

17 February, 2009 | Dee said something at 10:40 PM

Anonymous mo said...

cheer up buddy... maybe you should get together with some of your design buddies, even your old ones (cough) and maybe start a business. I don't know, just throwing it in there. If it's passion that you're looking for... it's obviously for you to find out what you really want in life part in parcel with the amount of effort you put in. There's plenty of opportunities out there, if you want it.

1:30 AM


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