In Aproximately 32 Hours...

I will be flyin to the seemingly sunny west coast (apparently, it's been raining there almost everyday). Gon' be visitin' mah grannma, mah cuzzins and mah unt. It's been eight years since I last saw them (by them, I'm referring to my grandma, my aunt and one of my cousins, the other cousin I have yet to see), so this visit should be interesting. I hope that my family in California realizes that I am no longer 12, because that would suck. However, if they think I'm still 12, I wouldn't blame them...because I look 12.

When I brush my hair and blow-dry it nicely, I look 13.

Looking young was tolerable up to the age of 16. But looking this young at 21 is quite terrifying, to be honest with you. That's when crazy Filipino parents start hooking you up with their 12 year-old sons (jailbait!). And that's when I excuse myself, go to the nearest washroom, find a towel, bury my face in it and scream my lungs off. That is also the time when I wish I had done drugs earlier in my teenage life so that I would look more haggard and, and, and old. Oh, sobriety you are a mystery.

Anyway, I'm kind of not excited to go to California yet. I don't know, maybe tomorrow it'll be different.

We'll see.

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27 December, 2008 | Dee said something at 11:51 PM

Anonymous Kenneth said...

Hope it's sunny in California then... Sunlight makes your skin grow older...

4:35 AM

Anonymous mo said...

Unless you wore sunscreen... but look at it this way, by the time you hit 50, you'll look 30ish, lucky you. I on the other hand will end up lookin like Margaret Cho, uh oh.

2:43 AM


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