I do not understand the concept of time...

The cold truth about time being perishable hasn't really hit me yet. You'd think, for a girl who'd seen Back to the Future I, II and III at least six times each, would have mastered the concept of time...

Yeah. Right.

How sad. I can sense Marty McFly crying in his DeLorean right now and cursing my name. I've failed him miserably.

I make the same mistake every year. Instead of using my study time to actually study, I use it to watch shows, to knit, to do anything but study.

A breakdown of how I wasted four potential studying days is shown below in order to demonstrate my poor time-management skills

Friday: I went somewhere and I ate something.
Saturday: Ummm...Clearly, I don't remember.
Sunday: Church --- o.k. valid excuse for the first half of the day. The other

Monday: Watched the second season of Friends. How impressively productive. I'm so proud of how lazy and unmotivated I've become.

I need help. There's got to be some sort of rehabilitation facility for this kind of thing.

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01 December, 2008 | Dee said something at 8:14 PM

Anonymous mo said...

I wrote something a while ago but it doesn't show..hmmph
Well I too have the same problem, but I don't knit or watch syndicated shows. Instead I sleep and hate on twilight. And if you have any more time to procrastinate, I suggest we chase poodles and hate on twilight together.

12:38 AM


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