Back. Take me Back.

I left sunny and warm San Jose last Saturday at 8:40 am PT. Approximately 10 and a half hours later, I arrived in Canada...welcomed by a snow storm and the stupidest weather ever that instantly depressed me. After I picked up my baggages at the airport, I exited that area hoping that my parents would be outside, eager to greet me and welcome me back. I saw and experienced no such thing. Instead, I had to hunt them down outside the terminal, battling the storm jacketless and wishing I had another year of vacation.

Everything, up to the point of my arrival, has been amazing. My aunt has been absolutely generous and her generosity made me feel so important and weird at the same time. My mother never, ever, shopped for me like my aunt had. Nor has my mother cooked all the things I liked for two consecutive weeks and treat me like the main queen in town. I'm not implying anything negative about my mother (I've been self-sufficient ever since I turned 14 so she really didn't need to do or buy me anything, I wouldn't have let her anyway), but what my aunt did deserves a lot of credit. I felt weird because I'm not really into shopping and when I do shop, it'll only consists of a shirt, or a book. I don't buy the whole store. She pretty much did, and that made me feel weird.

California, in a nutshell, was just a blast. I was problemless for two weeks. I didn't even think about Canada. Truth be told, I totally forgot about this lovely winter wonderland. There was no evidence in California that would have reminded me of Oh Canada! Thank God, and I thank God f'real. I needed a vacation. I actually still do, so take me back.

On New Year's Day, we headed down San Francisco. We got lost and was unable to see the Golden Gate when the sun was still up, but it's ok, I had seen it before I was just happy to be there and be able to spend New Year's with my family. The day after, we went to L.A. and spent a weekend down there to visit the Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre and all of Burbank. And wow, I thought I was in Mexico. I actually wanted a tour of WB and NBC, but we had no time and I had no mulah.

I'll post the pictures soontimes. I haven't uploaded them. That's because I took about 800 pictures, so it'll take awhile. Eventually, you'll find them on flickr.

Anyway, 2008 has been semi-craptastic. The first half of the year was filled with rainbows and cookies and teddy bears, the other half, well...recession.

2009, you better be good to me.

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