New Orleans, Here I Come

After all the madness and sadness, I can finally somewhat relax now. I will be heading down to "The Big Easy" tomorrow morning and will be arriving at around 8:30 pm. The purpose of this trip is to represent my school (more specifically ryeTAGA) at the 2009 TAGA Conference. Um, sure.

My purpose, however, is to just sit back, relax and eat good N'awlins food! Really.

I don't believe that our journal is going to win anyway. Why? Because it's messed up. If it were a person, it'd be bi-polar - that's how whack it is! I know, I'm the meanest person ever. But seriously, there is no consistency in the design, no real group effort, and no fun...

So, whatever. At least I get to go to New Orleans. School paid for my ticket, yeah...awesome.

(Perchance we do win the competition, which is very unlikely, I will apologize and just go through some sort of cleansing so that all the mean bones in my body won't be mean anymore.)

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12 March, 2009 | Dee said something at 11:18 PM

Anonymous mo said...

you're in New Orleans.. wow!
I want to go.
So... the question is, did you guys win?

1:18 AM

Anonymous Imdolien said...

Haha, hey at least if you lose you'll have it all in the right perspective!

2:08 AM

Anonymous Tiff said...

Hope you are having a fantastic trip!!!

1:33 PM


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