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April 2009: Last Month of School (EVER)

School has finally come to an end...a bittersweet end. I know that I've complained a lot about school and how I wanted it to be over so bad. Now that school's actually dunzo, I'm really scared and sad.

I'm mostly scared about the new venture that I have to partake in, and I'm sad about the life and the routine that I have to let go in order to accommodate this new venture. I have to once again start from scratch: new routine, new environment, new friends, new life.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to tackle all these challenges, but I'm really going to miss student life. As hard as it was for me, this "student life" really provided me with the best memories ever. I suppose it's fair enough to say that I'm not going to miss the schooling, but I am going to miss seeing my friends everyday, talking to my professors and walking with careless abandon around Toronto. I thought I wasn't going to get all sentimental, but I realized that, "it's really over."

Those four years felt like four minutes. Just like that, a new chapter begins.

I start work in a couple of weeks! I'm heading to NYC next week to make the best of my summer vacation (all two weeks of it). I'm excited to go to work and to actually work. I think I'll be fine. Time to move on and make new memories.


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