Decisions, Decisions

Art: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Me: Living a mediocre life and being happy about it.

Four years ago, when I was still trying to get into my program, one of my professors asked me during my interview where I saw myself in five years. I simply told him that I was bound to live a mediocre life and that I'd be cool with that...Some people are meant to be rich and miserable, some people are meant to have it all, and some are meant to be wikkid awesome but poor.

Well, I'm ok with being wikkid awesome, in spite of the poorness.

It has been a pretty rough week for me. I was offered two jobs and I had no idea which one to choose (I know, this situation is quite the rarity considering the economic mess we're in). I felt like my life depended on the decision I was going to make. Well, yeah, it kind of did. I even got my friends involved in order to help me decide. Also, it was really difficult comparing the two considering that both offers were coming from two different industries: printing and advertising. Apples and oranges. It was either: take this route or the other.

Denise Signs her Life Away?

In the end, I chose the lower paying job, with a pretty disappointing benefits plan - advertising. It really came down to who I wanted to work with and for. Personal values took paramount over money and perks. I made the right decision, for sure. Had I taken the other job, I would have been miserable, and would have probably been out looking for another job in the next three months (if I even survive that long).

When I was rejecting the other offer, the head honcho there pretty much said that I didn't think this through and that I was probably making the poorest decision of my life (Didn't think things through? This situation burdened me for a week!). He also said that I could have been ballin'. Yeah, cause I look like I'm all about money! Pfft. Puh-lease.

After that insult, it just further confirmed that I made the right decision. That was very unprofessional and disrespectful. My goodness. What happened to, "I wish you all the best and keep in touch"? Dang!

So yeah, I made the right decision. Mediocre life, here I come.

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