Meeting Mr. Douglas Coupland

Sis, ME and Douglas Coupland, originally uploaded by Crabalocker.

I've been so busy, that I've forgotten to post about one of the most eventful things that ever happened in my life: meeting Mr. Coupland.

This was back in October 1st though. I know, it's almost November but has been very, very annoying!

My sister and I bought tickets to watch him read excerpts from his latest book, The Gum Thief. Dude's a really down to earth, funny guy and I was able to get my Hey Nostradamus! book signed =]

(I also took multiple paparazzi shots!)

Sigh, I was so genius-struck...


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27 October, 2007 | Dee said something at 12:54 PM | 2 whined

Totally Revamped!

Yay! New layout! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a pink layout. Maybe that’s the reason why I made this one. Not really a fan of pink, but I can tolerate hot pink.

There have been a lot of changes to this site. It’s no longer what it originally started - which was just a blog. Ever since harshmercy closed down, I’ve been slowly converting this site into a personal sub-domain. I've come to realize that I don’t want this site to be just a mere venting facility to keep me sane. It's almost two years old so it's gotta be more than that. I’ve also forwarded to this site to just make it more "mine".

I still need to fix a few things. My links page is so outdated - it’s embarrassing. So I’ll work on that. I rewrote the entire about me page. I didn’t write much about myself though, because I don’t really know what to write.

I also added a few things here. For instance, I made a photoblog entitled Captured (which I’m quite exited about) and I added a twitter and flixster badge too, just to give this site a bit more personality.

Because of my hiatus, I wasn’t able to blog about the Heroes season finale. Well here’s my two cents on that: pretty goooood! I’m happy. I really am. I wasn’t satisfied with the Grey’s Anatomy finale so thank God for Heroes!

I can't wait for season two!!!

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26 May, 2007 | Dee said something at 12:53 PM | 2 whined


I'm so uninspired at the moment. It sucks. I really want to change the layout of this site, but my mind is absolutely blank. I did, however, managed to create a few layout designs, but I got bored of them right away. Besides, how can I create something meaningful and pleasing to the eye when my mind is somewhere else.

I need a vacation. I want to go somewhere peaceful. I just want to be alone. I want people to stop harassing me. I want school to stop making me poor. I just want to breathe freely again. That's all I want. Too bad for me, that's never going to happen.

Anyway, second year is over, but I'm taking summer school right now because I didn't take a course during the school year, and I pulled a Kamikaze on one of my exams. Yeah, I had a breakdown and didn't even write an exam. It was no typical episode though: I didn't scream, cry or kick a wall. I froze.

So that's my far, and I hope to God it changes.

Oh, Grey's Anatomy season finale was bad. I hated it. Everything I didn't want to happen, happened. The second part of season 3 was horrible. Time to watch some old school Grey's so that I may actually "relike" the show. On a brighter note, Ugly Betty's season finale was pretty good. Cute, sad and funny.

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18 May, 2007 | Dee said something at 12:50 AM | 3 whined

The SAGs

Ok, last night was the SAG Awards and it was awesome beyond awesomeness. I love the SAG(s). I mean, the fashion was a little bit on the boring side but the speeches that were made by those who won were funny, genuine and not so cheesy. Plus, none of them were cut-off by the get-off-the-stage-you're-time-is-up music. I was also glad to see J.Hud win, again, so now it's safe to say that she will take Mr. Oscar home this year.

Another big winner of the night was Little Miss Sunshine. It won Best Ensemble Cast (the SAG s equivalent to a best picture award), and because it won the most prestigious award of the night, I no longer have an idea on who would win the Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year.

Babel won Best Picture at the Golden Globes, The Departed won Best Picture at the Critic's Choice Awards, and now LMS at the SAGs.

Every year, the Best Picture winner is usually pretty predictable, but I really have no clue this time.

Click here to see the list of winners.

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29 January, 2007 | Dee said something at 10:28 PM | 0 whined

New Do

For the site that is.

The site has not been completely revamped and I don't normally launch a new layout if it's not 100% done. But I felt really eager to see how this layout would turn out, so I uploaded it. That and I really had nothing better planned today.

As you can see, the flickr stuff are messed up and so's the sidebar beside it. I need to modify the CSS and complete the contacts page. Almost done, almost done. 75% done. I'll try to finish it tomorrow.

Since I lacked one heck of a plan to spend my day productively, I ended up watching eight episodes of Meteor Garden II. Man, the story is soooo predictable, but I'm still hooked. I have no life. Ha! What else is new?

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20 December, 2006 | Dee said something at 9:04 PM | 1 whined

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