An Update, F'real

I haven't been here in a while. A lot of things had actually occurred during my hiatus. Things that I may or may not cover here. Why? Because I'm lazy. That, or I’ve forgotten the actual events.

Anyway, here's to documenting whatever it is I remember.

So after school ended, I scored three weeks off of complete nothingness, two of which I wasted in front of a computer...which, then, resulted in some serious damage to my bank account (I will get to this later). The last week of my break, however, was a lot more exciting. A. WHOLE. LOT. MORE.

Rule of thumb: Do not put Denise in front of a computer with nothing else to do for more than a week, otherwise, she’ll start to spend “moniez she ain't got”, and buy things “she don’t want!”

Ok, so this is what I did: I bought a bag. A 300 dollar bag! Which ended up costing $418 because stupid customs decided to open my package, concluded that I was ballin’ and charged me an extra $118! @#$%^&SHDKJ! You're probably wondering, "why in the world would Denise buy such an expensive bag?" Well, L'oreal said it best, "because I'm worth it."

Actually, after that purchase, I'm pretty sure I'm completely worthless now. I know.

I bought the bag because I wanted to treat myself. After four years of undergrad studies, and a total of 17 years of schooling, I felt that a fancy gift was more than necessary. Well, it was necessary up to the point where customs decided that it was an ethical move to bust a cap in my arse.

So note to self: Don’t spend that much money on eBay.

Note to customs: I'M ACTUALLY POOR!

Note to people around me: Do not put Denise in front of a computer with nothing else to do for more than a week, otherwise, she’ll start to spend “moniez she ain't got”, and buy things “she don’t want!”

I spent my last week of absolute freedom in NYC! What better way, really? M was generous enough to let us stay at her Brooklyn pad for four nights, and be our tour guide for three days, while being completely awesome and wikkid cool about everything! Thanks dude!

In a nutshell, my trip was beyond awesome! I loved every single second of it. It was a trip so well worth every penny I spent on it (which was not a lot by the way). I think I spent a total of just over 300 bucks on my trip (this includes my ticket, food and gifts/souvenirs). I know!!!

One of the moments that really made my trip was this.

At this very moment, I am typing this blog entry cause I have nothing else to do and I want to look busy. Other than that it’s been pretty good. The people here are nice and although we’re not that busy yet, people do find the time to train me on things and I feel like this method of training, although unconventional, is working for me. I’m able to soak everything that comes my way, which is always a good thing.

I met up with T and T a couple of Saturdays ago to participate in Toronto's DOTO event. It was wikkid, except I had to go home early because I had to deal with the evil group known as "customs" to get my bag.

So I met up with A, A, T and T (yeah, those letters mean nothing to strangers) last Friday night and we had a jolly good time at Duke of Devon! The weather was perfect! T suggested that we have our dinner in a patio setting (good call). We were able to score a table after the “happy hour gang” started to dissolve...

It was awesome to see people, eat good food and enjoy the weather! It was perfection. I think if Monet was alive today, he'd paint us...ahaha.

Ok that's it for now. Next time, I promise, it'll be shorter.

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