I'm so uninspired at the moment. It sucks. I really want to change the layout of this site, but my mind is absolutely blank. I did, however, managed to create a few layout designs, but I got bored of them right away. Besides, how can I create something meaningful and pleasing to the eye when my mind is somewhere else.

I need a vacation. I want to go somewhere peaceful. I just want to be alone. I want people to stop harassing me. I want school to stop making me poor. I just want to breathe freely again. That's all I want. Too bad for me, that's never going to happen.

Anyway, second year is over, but I'm taking summer school right now because I didn't take a course during the school year, and I pulled a Kamikaze on one of my exams. Yeah, I had a breakdown and didn't even write an exam. It was no typical episode though: I didn't scream, cry or kick a wall. I froze.

So that's my far, and I hope to God it changes.

Oh, Grey's Anatomy season finale was bad. I hated it. Everything I didn't want to happen, happened. The second part of season 3 was horrible. Time to watch some old school Grey's so that I may actually "relike" the show. On a brighter note, Ugly Betty's season finale was pretty good. Cute, sad and funny.

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18 May, 2007 | Dee said something at 12:50 AM

Blogger Josh said...

i think im just as uninspired. or maybe even more. doesn't it suck? blah.

go on vacation after school or something! :O

1:00 AM

Anonymous Titash said...

Nice place.

3:56 AM

Blogger Sabrina said...

I like your layout. :) I would suggest playing around with color schemes and then seeing what results..

3:04 PM


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