Knit - 3, originally uploaded by Crabalocker.

I haven't knitted in almost ten years! I'm not really sure what motivated me to pick my old knitting needles up and make something (somewhat) decent.

Anyway, I'm glad to be knitting again. I find this activity very therapeutic. Quite the stress reliever. Y'all should try it.


12 February, 2007 | Dee said something at 10:35 PM

Anonymous Cin said...

I've always wanted to knit, but I'm too lazy to learn, haha.

12:06 AM

Anonymous Sabrina said...

You look quite accomplished with the fruit of your toils stretched for a camera lens..

2:23 PM

Anonymous Omi said...

Neat. :D I've always wanted to knit, but since I'm not exactly gifted in homemaking activities, I'm intimidated. Haha!

7:30 AM

Blogger James said...

/out of subject /

Happy new year and my best wishes!

1:27 PM

Anonymous layla said...


I'm really sorry! I have to make you change the url link.

I can now be found at

12:04 AM

Anonymous aline said...

woa I'm impressed. I've always wanted to learn knitting but I haven't found any books about it in English (I've only found one in chinese...yikes) and i don't have any friends who knit.

2:02 PM


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