Almost Over

My Christmas Break is coming to its bitter end, and if there's one word to summarize what I've been this break, it would be idle.

I hardly hung out with anyone these past weeks, and I have also abstained from signing on MSN. I guess you can say I pretty much pulled a human hibernation. I totally hid into the dark abyss and avoided society. But then again, don't I always?

As much as I've enjoyed the whole three weeks all to myself, I do feel somewhat incomplete. Maybe I should have had at least a minute or two of normal human contact. By normal human, I mean my friends and not family friends.

My main domain also peaced the stork out. Which is bad for my part because that's my only medium of communication with people. However, there's this dominating part of me that just wouldn't allow me to renew the site for some stupid reason.

My Macbook, Charlie, seems to enjoy the idea of dying as well, so now, it's following the footsteps of my dead site. I don't exactly know what's wrong with it, but it unexpectedly shuts down and rejects all the DVDs and CDs I put in it. I better go get this poor thing checked and fixed.

The picture above doesn't relate to this entry at all, but it sums up how I currently feel and what I currently need.

That's all.

06 January, 2007 | Dee said something at 11:52 PM


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