Bored of the Do

This layout bores me already. It needs to be changed. I even lost that last drop of motivation that would have aided me with the completion of this site. I think it's the orange. I'm not too fond of orange. I'm not even sure why I picked orange. I probably got a bit too excited with the whole redesigning thing that I forgot to consider my personal taste.

Well, I will spend my day figuring out what it is I want exactly. On a brighter note, I started a film site yesterday and hopefully, I will be able to launch that soon to the public. Also, I'm thinking of buying a domain (again) maybe in a couple of weeks. Maybe. Still thinking of a good name.

I watched the extended version of LOTR The Return of the King last night. It was five ours long too. That's like five and a half episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Just saying.


04 January, 2007 | Dee said something at 11:32 AM


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