For now, I'm Running Out of Things to Say...

So does that make me boring?

I'm not sure anymore. I've been swimming in a pool of schoolwork. I guess after all the craziness is over, I'll create a new layout, and hopefully that would not only revamp the site, but my mood towards blogging.

[Sidenote: My goodness! When you press CTRL+S sub-consciouly while you're blogging, that's when you know you've been writing a whole lotta essays. I did JUST that...I thought I was typing on word...oh man.]

Anyway, I did not celebrate halloween this year. I was at home writing a report. Gah. I have no life. I gotta get one. But I don't know where to buy life. Someone please point out where I can buy life? Thank you.

06 November, 2006 | Dee said something at 1:09 AM

Anonymous Cindy said...

LOL, I sometimes press CTRL+S when writing blogs too because at work, I have to constantly save my documents too. That's pretty funny though.

I hope school isn't kicking your ass too badly now. :)

12:04 AM

Anonymous Ashley said...

Hey thanks. I had no idea what CTRL+S did before I saw your post, haha. I'm sure I'll soon become one of those subconsciously-CTRL+S-pressing bloggers.

2:50 PM

Anonymous Sabrina said...

I suggest you or someone you love purchase the board game LIFE. You might as well live vicariously through a game piece.

10:44 AM


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