I hate it when I feel very weak after I wake up. I'm supposed to feel refreshed, but I feel otherwise. I think it's the result of indulging too much MSG before I take naps. I’ll take a mental note on this one: NO CHINESE FOOD BEFORE SLEEP.

The feeling is similar to a really horrible hangover…perhaps.

I also don't like skater kids. They bother me. Those annoying younglings think they're the coolest and most skilled people in the world. I want to give all of 'em a wedgie.

06 August, 2006 | Dee said something at 11:21 PM

Anonymous Omi said...

I don't like Chinese food. Doesn't seem as delicious as other Asian cuisine. :/

Bah, annoying younglings. T_T I say they're only skilled when they can walk the high wire AND do the flying trapeze.

4:57 AM

Blogger ellie said...

some Chinese food are soooooo rich.

makes one wonder whether anyone still cooks food WITHOUT any additives.

8:53 AM


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