That's Life

Work is tiring, and most times, boring. I believe I'm supposed to hate it too. But the abnormal thing is, I'm on the edge of appreciating the whole concept of working. If work wasn't such a dull and energy-sucking place, I don't think I would appreciate home like I do now. I remember being unemployed (well, of course I remember, it wasn't so long ago) and wanting to just get out of the house badly, but I had no reason to. The place wasn't even a home - it was just a house. Now, every time I come home from work, I thank God for my bed, for my pj's, for my mom's weird antics, for the presence of everyone at home, for my dad's Sukiyaki, for Douglas Coupland and his genius, for my sister and her undying love for the Beatles and Pink Floyd, for my brother...for being too quiet and rarely seen, and of course, for baseball. My house is actually not as insipid as it seems. Heh, it just took an utterly monotonous job to figure that out.

People, including myself, fascinate me. Once nature drags you out of your comfort zone and place you just right outside the box you've been in, you start to see things differently. I, for one, can vouch for that. Every time I’m working, my home becomes a snow globe. I see everything, anything, and things I’ve never seen before. I see them all in all angles, and it’s so riveting. I just want to dive in there and experience the beauty first-hand, the only problem is, I can’t because I’m stuck in a less inviting environment, which is unfortunately just right outside the snow globe. The torture.

That’s life. You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Or in my case, I don’t know what I have until it’s temporarily gone. Very cliché for me to say, but it’s completely true. Well, I'm glad I got a taste of that. At least, now I know what to do and what to say to people who are seemingly unimportant in my life. Actually, I knew what to do and what to say, and the whatnots, I just needed something to kick me, and my job did just that.

Ha! My work works for me.

I guess, that is life.

15 July, 2006 | Dee said something at 10:08 PM


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