Ego Can Be Quite Annoying

I don't understand why certain guys think you like them because you initiated some sort of petty conversation. No, it's not called attraction, it's called a "friendly" chat or in many cases; pity.

I also don't understand the shallowness of many people. Seriously, how do you fall in love with a person based on his/her looks alone? Are you really willing to die for that person's beauty? Because if you are, then I might as well kill you.

Reality check: that's disgusting, degrading and disturbing.

It also ticks me off when people think they're the hottest thing because some person's staring at them. Um, hello?! Don't these people realize that their underwear is probably sticking out or that they've probably sat on dog turd?

GAH! The ego of these people, or rather the stupidity...or rather the desperation.

It's insane in the membrane

Anyway, I've decided to finally post some pictures on this blog because I figured that this site needs some colours. The pictures are from my Niagara/cherry picking trip two weeks back.


12 July, 2006 | Dee said something at 11:34 PM

Anonymous Eunice said...


guys, or let's just say both genders, should let grow of their egos, because that's what maturity is about. sigh.

12:32 AM

Anonymous denise said...

yeah, unfortunately, maturity is not for everybody =(

1:04 AM


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