One Heck of an Update: Prepare for the Upload

I haven't seen many of my high school friends since high school ended. I've been quite the anti-social this break. Fortunately enough, a friend of mine came to the rescue and pulled me out of hibernation. When I finally saw some familiar faces, I was welcomed with the most ridiculous yet funny greetings.

B: Wow! Denise, is that you? You're still alive? I thought you died.

M: You know what, you should get a farewell party every year. You like, disappeared.

Death? Disappearance? Denise? Sounds right to me.

I also went to Centre Island last Friday. Mind you, I didn't want to go - I was forced to go. I actually wanted to work and make money instead of spending money on some anti-climatic trip...But, heh, I really have no say to what I can do on Fridays.

Thank God for cameras though. Pictures made everything somewhat worth it.

Ah...Lake Ontario

Marie and I
Yummy Corn Soup at 12 AM

So that's Friday. My Saturday was waaaaaaaaayyy more exciting! I saw the third Jays vs. Yankees game at Rogers Centre and it was very, very fun! The dome was packed, and the energy in there was so scary. My family and I were surrounded by mostly Yankees fans. So that just totally sucked all the Blue Jays patriotism out of me. Unfortunately, the Blue Jays lost that day, and even though it pains me to see them lose and to not see BJ Ryan pitch, it's still all good because they managed to kill the Yankees three times on their four-game series.

Oh, my bad. Not killed, but MURDERED!

Anyway, I have some media coverage on that as well.

50,000+ people watched the game!

I found this funny...tee-hee.

And one more thing.

I made this...Meez thing...Sorry, I had to say that like it wasn't evident enough that I did, because I really don't know what to say about it or what it really is. But I made it to somewhat look like me...maybe...

So there's my photo-video-studded week. I hope your internet co-operated with you. If not, I apologize.

24 July, 2006 | Dee said something at 9:30 PM

Anonymous mo said...

jays fan? really? i'm going for detroit but whatever. yo, don't know if ur artsy fartsy but u prolly heard of the AGO promo [link under my name]. spread the word, go with friends, it's FREE.

3:05 PM

Anonymous denise said...

love the jays. actually, i was a yankees fan for awhile, but that all changed this year. anyway, detroit is good...pfft, what am i saying? of course they're good, they're number one.

and about the AGO, i didn't know about the promo. but i've heard about this andy warhol exhibition and have been planning to go. and now that it's free, i'm definitely going! thanks!

3:24 PM

Anonymous Omi said...

Those are some nice photos. :) The dock reminds me of Subic. And what's that dish? Looks like arroz caldo
to me, but it looks like corn too. o_O;;

1:57 AM

Anonymous denise said...

omi: yup, it's corn soup with minced chicken. i wish i had arroz caldo too.

9:34 AM

Anonymous mo said...

I'm just shocked that u watch baseball. j/k. I'm pleasantly surprised bout the jays too, am sure they'll make the playoffs. if you want to join me and some ppl, come early august. holla!

2:17 PM

Blogger ritchie said...

Cool, sounds like a fun little get-away. Don't worry, I'm the prefer work type too but it is always good to get out into the sun. You know, lack of sunlight makes vampires or trolls, i think.

2:49 PM


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