Ok update:

- I'm 19. That means I can drink and gamble, but I've done neither
- I have a feeling that second year is going to be one tough cookie
- I want a new job - a better paying one too
- Yes I still work at that same, stupid place
- I want to look for another job
- I have a MacBook
- It's white, shiny, pretty and its name is Charlie
- I'm madly in love with Photobooth
- I consider myself "unlonerfied"
- Yes, I finally have a social life, and it comes with bragging rights
- I was supposed to meet John Mayer up, close and personal
- It's only John Mayer
- He's only hot and famous and possibly sweaty
- I want to go to Yale
- I'm dreaming

20 September, 2006 | Dee said something at 11:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denise!!! come online PLZ!!!!
dude...i am so gona barge into ur house 1 of these remaining dayz of mine just to see you and say hi...korny i know, but i think its worth it. I whined in ur previews entry just a while ago... guess im da only 1 shoutin here =S.
Oki3...ttyl <3


12:00 AM

Anonymous Kenneth said...

unlonerfied eh? Hmm that's a hard word to write (I started out with unlonerfield en unlonerfled)

8:17 AM

Anonymous Layla said...

don't discount that...

sure, it's "only" John Mayer...but yeah, there are days when I'm dreaming about wanting to marry Tom Chaplin of Keane, which is insane.

so, that's not dreaming. :)

6:42 PM

Blogger Jaeboy said...

oh you are a mac user too? I have a MacBook (its name is Apple) and i love it!

7:23 AM

Anonymous Omi said...

Ooh, a shiny MacBook! And hooray for a social life! I've been living like a hermit for a few months now. I'm so bored!

11:25 AM

Blogger ritchie said...

ohh a macbook, i'm officially jealous!

4:18 PM


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