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Registration Code, originally uploaded by Crabalocker.

SO this registration code for my accounting course would cost $60.00 if bought separately from the accounting textbook.

For 12 numbers...60 bucks?

That's like $5.00 per figure. That's insane.

Sometimes, I even wonder why I have accounting when I'm a media student.

The mysteries of post-secondary education.

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13 January, 2007 | Dee said something at 12:57 PM

Anonymous zet said...

That's hella expensive. T_T
Education's really becoming too
costly for our own good. lol.
I dont even buy books anymore.

6:36 PM

Blogger L.Medina said...

it's me again, Layla. I couldn't stay away from blogging that long. anyway, I agree. education is expensive. maybe to remind us not to take it for granted. I consume a lot of money each week for case readings and reviewers. I wish I could do away without reading books; but they're way important!

11:41 PM

Blogger kimbalee said...

LOL. $5 a number.

10:19 PM


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