Not One, But Two!

So I finally finished my multicoloured scarf. It took me about a week because I'm a slow knitter. As I mentioned from my previous entry, it has been awhile. My mother on the other hand managed to crochet me a scarf in five hours. It's so adorable too! I dubbed it banana nutella (I have the tendency to name inanimate objects. Methinks it's fun.)! Anywho, pictures are posted below.

Banana Nutella



22 February, 2007 | Dee said something at 6:34 PM

Anonymous Sabrina said...

The banana nutella scarf is.. awesome.

9:49 PM

Anonymous mo said...

wow, your mom's cool. my mom can only do cornrows hahaha. well kudos on the knitting, I wish I could knit.

2:45 PM

Anonymous Aravis said...

I love the banana nutella scarf! Makes me wanna eat one, hehe.

10:33 AM

Anonymous Kenneth said...

Heh those little fluffy balls (what are they called again?) at the ends are awesome!

10:44 AM

Blogger Dee said...

pom-poms =D

3:09 PM


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