Academy Awards!!! OMG!

Ok, it's that time of year again...Time for my predictions!
I'm an Oscar buff.
The Academy Awards is like my Olympics, so yeah, it's a big deal for me.

All right, on with the predictions:

Best Picture: The Departed v.s. Little Miss Sunshine
I honestly don't know who's going to take the Best Picture this year. But if I would have to guess, it's a battle between The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine. I'd like to see The Departed win cause I found it more entertaining and exciting the LMS. However, LMS was funny, charming and it's also an independent film. So, it's quite rare to see a combination of comedy/indie to be nominated for the Academy Awards, let alone, win. It'll be equallly awesome to watch LMS walk away with the hardware.

Best Director: Martin Scorsese
Um...I think it's about time. Seriously.

Best Actor: Forest Whitaker
Quite obvious. He's the frontrunner. And in fairness, he did a bang up job portraying Idi Amin. I, however, wish that Peter O'toole wins this one. He was awesome in Venus and he had never won an Oscar in his life.

Best Actress: Helen Mirren
Nuff Said.

Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy
Out of all the other nominees in this category, I feel like Eddie Murphy had the most challenging role. Plus, he went outside his comfort zone. So kudos to him. Alan Arkin is another "favourite", but Alan Arkin was playing Alan Arkin in LMS. So, nothing new there.

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
For anyone who comes into this industry as a nobody, and makes Beyonce look like a nobody deserves an Oscar. Jennifer Hudson made Beyonce look like a prop.

Original Screenplay: Little Miss Sunshine
Cause I said so.

Adapted Screenplay: The Departed
Cause I said so.

Film Editing: The Departed
Complicated plot, but still flowed so well and ended up as a pretty solid film. All thanks to editing.

Costume Design: Dreamgirls

Cinematorgraphy: Pan's Labyrinth

Original Score: Babel

Original Song: Listen

Makeup: Pan's Labyrinth

Art Diretion: Pan's Labyrinth

Documentary feature: An Inconvenient Truth

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25 February, 2007 | Dee said something at 7:32 PM

Anonymous Omi said...

I think you got most of it right (yet again!). I didn't stick around long enough to see all the winners.

1:17 AM


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