Summer 2008

The last four months flew by so fast...I didn't even post anything here. I feel really guilty for sorta abandoning this blog. It's already September. That's insane in the membrane. Too crazy.

Anyway, I have been incredibly busy and I wish I had more time off. Work and summer school got the best of me, but also brought the worst of me out. A dosage of Back to the Future would have been would certainly reassure me of my sanity. I don't even have time to have such marathon. Don't worry Michael J. Fox, I will have time for you.

In spite of the "hecticness", I have to say, this summer has got to be the best summer...ever. Why? Well, I'll tell you why:
  • Got to see Radiohead live! OMGOMGOMG.
  • The annual church retreat to Minden, Ontario was a great success
  • Went horseback riding...finally!
  • Donated my hair to Angel Hair Foundation
  • Got a new camera (just a point and shoot, I'll get my DSLR later...I hope)
  • I was able to hang out and see a lot of my old buddies
  • eBay, eBay, eBay
  • Although work was pretty draining, it was a lovely experience nevertheless
If that's not an accomplished looking list, then I don't know what is. I will post lots of pictures later, and perhaps some short clips from the Radiohead concert.

Also, this's like the epitome of "old skul"! Definitely needs some work here.

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