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i will go to salad king and make my stomach happy once i get
through hell month.

oh, obama, congrats and enjoy your new crib.

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05 November, 2008 | Dee said something at 7:29 PM | 0 whined

[ iVote 2008 ]

Mobile: iVote, originally uploaded by crabalocker.

I voted for the very first time last night and it felt great! Even though the party I voted for didn't win, I walked away satisfied anyway knowing that I did something of significance.

Voting is fun, and election night is always exciting. Kind of baffles me why so many young people choose not to vote. Seriously, apathy is like an epidemic. It truly is sad.

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15 October, 2008 | Dee said something at 1:58 PM | 0 whined

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