Call me Shallow

Nancy and Patience
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There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about high school and its easiness, but I didn't actually think I'd miss the other stuff that came with it. Things that I easily took for granted. Things that I didn't think really mattered. For instance, I didn't realize how much I missed having and sharing insane and random moments with my friends and laughing at the stupidest things.

Yes, call me shallow...As a matter of fact, call US shallow.

Shallowness is good. It's good, innocent fun.

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11 October, 2008 | Dee said something at 8:58 PM | 0 whined

So I finally Blog

I just want to say, my time away, my haitus, my absence, my you-know-what was due to the demanding nature of school. I was way too busy with school that I didn't even notice how time really flew by this year. Incredibly fast. In a few minutes, it's already 2008. Crazy. It seems like yesterday, everybody was freaking out about the whole Y2K bug (oh, what a great marketing tool may I add). Ha, eight years later...

Anyway, happy new year.

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31 December, 2007 | Dee said something at 11:45 PM | 2 whined

Down To the Last Hour...

me, 19, originally uploaded by Crabalocker.

So in an hour, I'll turn 20. It's time to say goodbye to my "teenage" years. I'm sure I won't miss that life too was so anticlimactic. Besides, I have pictures to remind myself of how boring and clean I lived my life for the past seven years or so...

To think of it, I'll probably have another seven years or so to continue living my life that way.

Yup, won't miss my "teenage" years at all.

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12 September, 2007 | Dee said something at 11:00 PM | 5 whined

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