It's About Time...

I haven't blogged this whole year...I have been sooo busy with school. I think third year, second semester has got to be the busiest semester I've ever had in my life. So busy, I couldn't even find the time to blog and complain about so many things...

Last Thursday was actually my last day of third year, and tomorrow, I'm going to be writing my first final exam. Exciting! It's going to be an essay type exam and the course is Politics. Ugh. Just reading the word "politics" makes me cringe. The only reason why I took the course was to...Actually, I don't even know why I took it.

But one thing has been clear to me this whole semester, and that is the graciousness of God. Last month, my program held its annual job fair at my school. There were 50 something companies that showed up, and there were 89 third year students who were (and some are still) in dire need of an internship placement this summer in order to graduate. It was a pretty stressful event. I just prayed to God to just help me get through job fair without making a fool of myself in front of the employers. I also prayed for my top choices of course, and I fully committed these needs to God. You know what? He answered.

I was able to score two second interviews with my top two choices, and was offered a job from both places! It's times like these were it's just so difficult to deny God and his works. He's truly the great provider. All we need to do is ask, and be specific about it. And if it's His will, it will be given to you.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that. Hopefully once the finals are over, I'll be able to blog more often and also be able to revamp this site. I need to get back to web-designing. For real!

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